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Single Mom Gains Confidence, Learns Healthy Skills to Reunite Family

Breanne reunification story

Breanne and her children Gavin and Bailey became involved in the child welfare system in 2016. The children’s father struggled with serious mental illness, which impacted his ability to properly care for his children. He also acted violently towards Breanne, so the Kansas Department for Children and Families deemed it necessary to intervene.

It was determined that Gavin was malnourished and failing to thrive, so the children were removed from the home and placed in foster care while both parents received support in order to safely reunite their family. The children’s father wasn’t open to working with KVC support workers or seeking help for his mental health needs. A judge made the decision to restrict the father’s visits with the kids until he met the requirements of his case plan.

Breanne, however, embraced the support by completing parenting classes, participating in individual and family therapy, and learning about healthy child nutrition. During this time, she also gained confidence in herself and in her ability to care for her children as a single parent.

Gavin and Bailey were able to safely return home to Breanne’s care in less than one year. Being a single parent isn’t easy, but with help from relatives and several other community supports, this family continues to succeed. Breanne enjoys doing activities with her kids and teaching them new things including how to share and keep their bedroom clean. Her ability to be a patient, structured and confident parent is truly something to be admired.

The services provided by KVC to Breanne and her children were made possible, in part, thanks to monthly donations from KVC Everyday Heroes. Your monthly gift allows KVC to ensure that the families we serve are provided with the resources and tools they need to be successful. Gavin and Bailey are safe and thriving because of support from our donors.

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Watch this short video to hear more about Breanne’s story: